Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Choir rises to a great challenge

ODT reviewer of the Nature's Bounty concert, Elizabeth Bouman,  says: "Choir rises to a great challenge" and "...compliments to all musicians and singers called upon to negotiate the endless rhythmic intricacies, and such fast-paced verbosity on growing all manner of fruit...". 

Yes, Verdi's Requiem will definitely be a piece of cake after this! The singers and musicians enjoyed performing all the music in the concert to a very appreciative audience. It was quite a thrill seeing all the smiling faces and hearing the thundering applause! Hats off and many thanks to Christopher Marshall for a beautiful composition: For What Can Be More Beautiful?.

What the audience said:

"I very much enjoyed the concert, especially the Marshall work -- a very exciting piece; the composer made deft use of his resources."

"The Southern Sinfonia did a marvellous job with the music and the choir's singing was a pleasure to listen to."

"Why did you put a seed catalogue to music?"

"Your words were very clear - often I didn't need to read the programme to know what you were singing about."

"Loved the Hiawatha - wanted to get up and dance around with a tomahawk in my hand"

“I found Saturday night's performance by Dunedin's choir, especially the pieces before and after the interval (Marshalls and Hiawatha) were my favourites:^) Just lovely:^ Transformative! I did not want the music to end.”

"I thought the concert at Knox was splendid - it came across very well indeed, full of energy and vitality."

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