Saturday, December 12, 2009

Messiah worthwhile effort

As a member of the audience, instead of the choir, for the first time for this event, I would like to say how much I agreed with the sentiments of the reviewer. However I knew of course that the performance would be world class. I think the performance was better than ever and the choral work without music was very effective and the effort put into this by members of the choir very worthwhile.

I am back in Dunedin now, as you know, and I would like to catch up with old friends and also to sing in the proms 2010.

[Janice Royds responding to the review of the Messiah performance on 8 December, by Glenn Linde on]

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Rosi Crane said...

I always look for faces I know in the audience, but the glasses I need for reading the score, prevent me from seeing too clearly - if I look over the top of them I can get David in focus waving his arms about in meaningful fashion. So forgive me but I didn;t spot you - though doubtless you saw me!!!
see you end of January!