Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Praise for anthems

Spotted in the Otago Daily Times this morning (16 July) in the SMOKO column by Simon Cunliffe, he says:
"The Dunedin City Choir gave a magnificent rendition of the South African national anthem, then it was the singing mayor's turn: Peter Chin led us..."
Claire Barton and the City of Dunedin Choir singing the South African national anthem. Photo: Craig Baxter.
Mmm... he seems to have forgotten to mention Claire Barton's wonderful voice, and the fact that the Choir also provided the backing for Peter Chin's singing, but never mind, this wasn't a musical review anyway.


Lee said...

Interesting - the photograph has been reversed. Either that, or my brain is playing tricks on me.

Leta said...

Oops, thanks Leanne, I've fixed it now!

Lee said...

Oh! I figured it was the ODT that had reversed the image! *lol*