Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Messiah 2007 with Anna Leese

The following is an extract from the review of this performance, by Elizabeth Bouman in the Otago Daily Times:

"Both the Choir and the Sinfonia are a credit to a city of this size and excelled in conquering the demands of this three-hour Baroque marathon.

The 110-strong choir gave energy and full resonant sound for Burchell to draw upon for the big choruses. Setting their sights early in "And the Glory" and "Glory to God", phrasing and articulation were generally good, with passionate voicing. As to be expected the "Hallelujah" chorus was a highlight, rising to a thrilling climax...

I thought the choir was fantastic.

Soloists add the gilding to any oratorio and having Dunedin-trained Anna Leese in the country for a short visit of recitals was a real bonus.

Prolonged applause and footstamping followed the resounding "Amens", and tired but jubilant musicians felt the buzz of completing yet another outstanding delivery of this 1742 masterpiece."

Performance: Handel's Messiah, Dunedin Town Hall, 11 December 2007

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