Saturday, January 1, 2000

Social Media Policy

Online Social Media platforms such as a Blog, Facebook and Twitter provide forums for present and past City of Dunedin Choir Members, our Patrons and our Supporters to celebrate the love of music, and in particular, the passion for choral music.


‘Administrator’ shall mean a user authorised to set up a social media platform, customise it, control access by other users, appoint other administrators, edit or delete content posted by other users, or delete the account.

‘Author’ shall mean a user authorised to create new posts. Applies mainly to blogging. An author can comment on any post, can edit or delete his own posts, but has no edit rights to the posts by other authors.

‘Contributor’ shall mean any user who comments on content posted by another author. Contributors cannot edit any content, not even their own comments after publication.

‘Webmaster’ shall mean the person designated by the Committee to act in this role.

General Policy Points

  • We welcome contributions and feedback from Choir Members, Patrons or any person with an interest in the well-being of this Choir. There are several ways of contacting the Choir Committee, or comments may be posted on an appropriate forum. 
  • Choir Members who would like to post new content to the blog (other than commenting on existing content) should contact the Webmaster via email on so they can be registered as authors.
  • The Choir loves to hear praise for a great performance, but we equally appreciate constructive comment. We are keen to learn and improve for future performances. 
  • To prevent spammers from defacing the blog, comments are moderated by an administrator. 
  • Authors should take care not to post confidential information of any person on a social media platform without their consent. If any content is deemed to contain confidential material, the Webmaster will consult with the parties concerned to effect an amicable resolution.
  • Authors should write in the first person and not cite or reference another person without their consent.
  • The content offered should relate to activities of the choir or to music, but the genre of music or music event discussed remains open and unlimited. Authors should take care not to be overtly controversial, be the first to correct their mistakes and if they alter content, they should indicate that they have done so.
  • Authors should try to add value by offering worthwhile information and perspective.
  • Content copied from elsewhere on the internet should be properly attributed. Copyrighted text, images or video should not be re-published on the Choir’s social media platforms unless the appropriate permission was obtained and is cited.
  • The Choir’s social media platforms will at all times be managed by at least two Choir Members who have administrative access. Access will be determined by the Committee.
  • The Committee subscribes to the principle of freedom of speech, but retains the right of oversight to maintain the Choir’s high standards and to protect its public image. It is for these reasons that comments on the blog are moderated.
  • The City of Dunedin Choir believes that the discussion of internal policy matters are not appropriate on any public forum.

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