Saturday, January 1, 2000

A Choir of Note


It is the vision of City Choir Dunedin to be "A Choir of Note" in New Zealand.


To foster the enjoyment of choral music and present performances to a professional standard for the wider Dunedin community.


To fulfill its Mission the Choir has set the following Goals:
  • To encourage the performance and enjoyment of choral music by people of all ages and from all walks of life,
  • To present concerts of choral music or other entertainments to the general public,
  • To strive for an excellent standard of performance,
  • To provide opportunities for young musicians to gain experience in performances with the Choir,
  • To build good working relationships with the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, the Department of Music at the University of Otago, the Dunedin Youth Orchestra and other New Zealand choirs, orchestras and bands,
  • To associate with any other charitable New Zealand society or association having interests similar to those of the Choir, such as the New Zealand Choral Federation, and
  • To ensure the prudent management of the Choir in accordance with its Rules.
The Choir came into being in 1863 and was constituted as the Dunedin Choral Society Incorporated in 1898. The Choir is managed in accordance with the Dunedin Choral Society Rules 1994/1996/2001/2017. In 2008 the Choir obtained registration as a charitable organisation from the New Zealand Charities Services (Registration number: CC29845).

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