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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rossini Petite Messe

Interesting to see the proposed programme for next year, including the Rossini Petite Messe. I was in a performance in 2002, and it is one of the most entertaining settings of the Mass. It was written to be performed in a private house, and the original version is accompanied by a piano duet and a squeeze box organ - the sort that you would find in a larger private house in Paris. To be authentic, our performance should have a non electrically powered organ - foot powered bellows only. If there was anywhere with enough room in Dunedin it would be nice to use a large public room in somewhere like Olveston or Larnachs Castle, though space would be limited there.

In our performance we used an electronic organ, which broke down after the first movement. We called an urgent interval while we carried out repairs. I had visions of Rossini looking down from Heaven and laughing at us. Rossini did have a wicked sense of humour.

The work starts with very impressive settings of the Kyrie and the Gloria. Then most of the Gloria movements are for soloists, but the final fugue is a very big moment. Very exciting to sing. There is another big fugue at the end of the Credo.

Did you know that Rossini thought his most important creation was a sauce for steak? I made it once, and it is certainly a better than average sauce - a tomato base. You can find some versions by looking on Google, though my recipe was on the back of pack of Maggi mix.