Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are the wind

John Drummond, composer of The Journey Home, was at rehearsal tonight!

It was very interesting to hear him talk about the work, and explain the emotions portrayed at various stages of the journey. The concept of "home" subtly changes from the physical home, to death!

According to John the choir is very important in this work, since it ties all the other components together. We play a spiritual role, but we are also the environment - like in the Ah... bits where we are the cold icy wind and we have to sing without any "wobbles" in the voices!

 The Journey Home tells the tale of Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition, and this performance marks the tragedy’s centenary. Join the City of Dunedin Choir and Southern Sinfonia in Tales of Ice and Fire, Sat 8 September at 8pm in the Regent Theatre.

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