Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buzz Quiz Photo

OK I admit this was a tad on the cryptic side. Where was I when I took this photo?

There are several clues. Firstly, yes that is the railway station in the background. Secondly, the big concrete chimney-thing, is indeed a chimney - it's the hospital laundry.

Now there are some other more subtle clues. I'm clearly standing on a road pointing towards the railway station, somewhere near the hospital. A look at the map shows there are several little streets that fit the bill. But look at the cream painted building blocking the street. This is fronting a road that runs at right-angles to where I'm standing, that is a road between Great King Street, and Anzac Avenue. In fact that cream coloured building is Frames Footware shop on Hanover Street, not that you could tell that from the photo. But you could tell the street's view was blocked, and there aren't any other little streets that are blocked, except Grange Street. So, that's where I was - Grange Street. Also notice the brick house in the foreground, that is also fronting a street running at right angles to mine, so to speak.

I love producing puzzle photos for you all to guess. They provoke all sorts of comments, and expressions as you try to work it out. I hope you enjoy them too!

Oh and a big thank-you to all the support you give to the buzz quiz.

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Leta said...

Thank you Rosi, it's a most enjoyable way to raise funds for the choir!