Friday, March 23, 2012

Utrecht Te Deum a Hymn of Praise

Handel wrote the Utrecht Te Deum in early 1713, and it was performed together with his Utrecht Jubilate at the Thanksgiving service for the Peace of Utrecht in St Paul’s Cathedral, London, on 7 July. It was his first composition for a state celebration, and helped to establish his reputation as a composer in London.

Handel's Utrecht Te Deum is the opening work in City of Dunedin Choir's concert "Beauty of Baroque" on Friday 30 March, 7:30 pm in Knox Church, George Street, Dunedin

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Leta said...

A little history:

The Treaty of Utrecht, which established the Peace of Utrecht, comprises a series of individual peace treaties, rather than a single document, signed by the belligerents in the War of Spanish Succession, in the Dutch city of Utrecht in March and April 1713. The treaties between several European states, including Spain, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Savoy and the Dutch Republic, helped end the war.

[from Wikipedia]