Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bach concert on Saturday!

We are getting very excited now with the Bach Mass in B minor performance coming up on Saturday - yes, 16 April, 7:30 pm in Dunedin Town Hall. Don't miss this performance, it's going to be awesome!

At last night's performance David Burchell, choir director/conductor, was pleased that so much of our rendition sounds so fine. Of course we still worked long and hard on some curly and hairy passages, but no doubt all the kinks will be ironed out by Saturday. We have another two rehearsals to finally polish our performance.

I just love this Mass - it is really very beautiful - and I think if you ask the other choir singers, they'll all agree. My personal favourite is the 'Sanctus'. The higher voices dance along delicately like angels, while the basses provide a booming, solid foundation. The masterful Bach knew just how to combine these opposites into a pleasing whole. Have a listen:

Tickets for this concert are on sale now at Ticketdirect online or at the Regent ticket office - get your ticket now!

Tickets for accompanied school age children are free, and student rush tickets at $10 (must show student ID) are available at the door in the last 30 minutes before the concert starts.

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