Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rare Byrds in the Choir

Have you seen the article on the Rare Byrds in the ODT this morning? I was surprised to see no less than FOUR of our choir members in this group: Helen (alto) and Alan (tenor) Edwards, Colin Campbell-Hunt (bass) and Christine Ogilvie (alto)!

This article again brought home to me the fact that Dunedin is a little big city with an abundance of talented residents.

Here is some Bach being played on the nyckelharpa, an instrument also used by the Rare Byrds.

Back to the Rare Byrds - this group loves playing, singing and dancing to early renaissance and medieval music. They are celebrating their annual Christmas Revel and Ball at St John's Church hall, 373 Highgate, Roslyn tomorrow, with feasting, dancing, fire performers and, of course, music.

A dance class will be held at 6pm to which beginners are welcome, the feast starts at 7.30pm and the Renaissance ball at 9pm.

To book contact Jonathan Cweorth at or phone 453-1947. $20 adults and $10 children.

Read more about it in the ODT at

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