Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 ends for Choir

The last rehearsal for 2010 at City of Dunedin Choir went something like this:

First we worked really really hard at mastering some of the notes in Bach's B Minor Mass. I love the music, but as with composers like Bach and Handel, their works usually have 'too many' notes! One has to concentrate all the time - if you miss a note or a beat you are lost! Mmm... and after a long day at the office powers of concentration are not what they could be. Anyhow, we did well and David said it sounded all angelic, just as it is supposed to! Great.

It being the last rehearsal of the year a sumptious supper was laid on - thanks to those members who contributed the scrumdiddlyumptious nibblies!

After the singing we grabbed a quick cup of tea and it was over to Rosi, the Fun Quiz Master, to put us throught our paces. Well done to the 'February' team - first to get to the right answers and unscramble the letters to arrive at:  I LOVE BACH

Having earned it, we socialised and tucked into those wonderful nibblies, YUM!

AND... the winners of the annual Christmas hampers were drawn. Don't they look gorgeous? Thanks to everyone for your contributions, selling tickets, and Rebecca for organising the fund-raiser.

Next it was Deborah's turn to thanks the special people: Michael (Assistant Conductor), Roland (Accompanist) and David (Director) and wish everybody well for the festive season. The evening was wrapping up fast, but then came the big surprise: everyone was still milling about socialising when David and Roland got us going singing the Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah - unprepared, from memory!

What a wonderful way to end a very busy year of choral singing. Don't forget, we start rehearsing again on Tuesday 1 February 2011 and first up on the programme we'll join the Southern Sinfonia in two performances of The Last Night of the Proms, and then our Bach B Minor Mass concert is in April.

Are you a singer looking for a choir to join? We'd love to welcome you to the City of Dunedin Choir - contact us today!


Leanne daharja said...

It was a good fun night, wasn't it!

I'll miss City Choir over the holidays, but I know it will seem like no time until we're all back again.

Thanks so much to everyone who brought yummy food for us to enjoy (there goes my pre-Christmas diet!) and to the committee for just general organisational excellence - especially Rosi with the quiz, our own Jingle Belle ;-)

Merry Christmas!

AlanGirvan said...

now we have to start learning the Georgian National Anthem from memory. Pass the vodka.

Leanne daharja said...

@Alan - Yes please! Of course, the only way those Russian Basses ever hit those low notes is by drinking vodka before, during, and after rehearsal :-)

[try singing along to this one!]

Leanne daharja said...

Just surfin' USSR...

[Alexander Nevsky - Arise ye Russian People] we have 2012 planned yet? :-)

Leta said...

Here you are Alan - the Georgian National Anthem