Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bass and Biochemist extraordinaire

Warren Tate
City of Dunedin Choir members can not only sing, they are also talented in many other ways, and sometimes supremely talented, like Warren Tate, Bass and Biochemist extraordinaire.

Today the newspapers and radio reports are telling the story of Warren's research and winning the prestigious Rutherford Medal.

The Rutherford Medal (known as the Gold Medal until 2000) is the premier award of the Royal Society of New Zealand, and has been awarded annually since 1991 in recognition of people who have made outstanding contributions to New Zealand society and culture in science, mathematics, social science, and technology. The medal is funded by the New Zealand government.
It is named after Ernest Rutherford, the New Zealand experimental physicist and Nobel laureate who pioneered the orbital theory of the atom.

Well done Warren, we are proud of you!

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Leanne daharja said...

That's really excellent, and I'm sure absolutely well-deserved!

Congratulations Warren, from my family and me!

Leanne XXX