Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Virtual Choir 2011

Featuring 185 voices from over 15 countries worldwide, The Virtual Choir began as a simple experiment in social media with Eric Whitacre’s ‘Lux Aurumque’ project early in 2010, but it seems to have grown into something much bigger than anticipated, with around 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Eric is now attempting to create the world’s largest online choir ever, with his song ‘Sleep’.

You can be a part of the 2011 Virtual Choir! Closing date for submissions is 10 January 2011 - only a few days to go... over 1200 voice submissions are already uploaded to Youtube - only SIX of these are from New Zealand (so far).

To enter here’s what you need to do: Firstly it is required that you read the Terms and Conditions, and then watch the instructional videos on the Virtual Choir YouTube Channel. Following the instructions you would download your part of the sheet music.

You need to decide which voice part you will sing. There are 8 parts to the piece: 2 Soprano, 2 Alto, 2 Tenors and 2 Bass.

You will need to make a recording of yourself singing your part along with the accompaniment and Eric conducting on the recording instructions video. The recording can be done with any simple camera or computer that has video capability, or even with a cell phone!

When you are happy with your recording, you’ll need to upload it to YouTube. Of course you’ll need to set up a YouTube account if you do not already have one. You can also appear on the Virtual Choir World Map! The instructions are clearly written and detailed, so even if this sounds terribly technical, it would be relatively easy to achieve for most people, so why not have a go?

It sounds like fun. The closing date for entries is 31 December 2010.

About Eric Whitacre: An accomplished composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre has quickly become one of the most popular and performed composers of his generation. The Los Angeles Times has praised his compositions as “works of unearthly beauty and imagination, (with) electric, chilling harmonies”; while the BBC raves that “what hits you straight between the eyes is the honesty, optimism and sheer belief that passes any pretension. This is music that can actually make you smile.”

Eric’s website: http://ericwhitacre.com/the-virtual-choir
Virtual Choir 2011 YouTube Channel:

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Leanne said...

We were meaning to do it, but never did...just too busy. Maybe next year!