Saturday, September 4, 2010

Songs of Africa resound

Zimbe! Wow! We did it! We really pulled this one off - awesome! tremendous! That's what I think of tonight's performance. The audience loved the music - whenever I glanced at the audience I saw someone sitting there with a huge grin on the face, or swaying along with the music, tapping the programme, and of course they were just waiting for David (conductor) to invite them to clap along and off they went! Audience participation was 100%.

The choirs did well - everyone singing with energy, concentration and enjoyment. The band was excellent. Soloist Goeknil, pianist Tom and dancer Ojeya - thanks, we could not have done it without your contributions. All the hard work was well worth it. Thanks to David Burchell and our hard-working committee - key elements in tonight's success.

Can you imagine conducting something like 17 voice parts and a band all at the same time? Only David Burchell can pull that off - it reminds me of this poster we made him a few years ago as a Christmas present:

Were you there? What did you think of the performance? Let us know by posting on this blog, or leaving your comment here.

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