Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Soweto String Quartet

Now here's a brilliant jazz-cum-classical-cum-very-African rhythmic sound. If you've never heard them you should open your ears. Do a You Tube search and turn up the volume. I defy you to keep sitting/standing still. OR listen to this clip

The group was formed by three brothers and a friend in Soweto Township in the mid 1980s. They are classically trained, and have managed to fuse contemporary jazz and their native African rhythms and intonations.

I'd love to see them live, wonder if they'll ever come to Dunedin?

I wonder how you could bottle their verve and energy? If I could, I'd give a large dose to everyone in the choir so we could do Zimbe justice.


Leta said...

You've missed them! Remember 13 October 2002 at the Otago Festival of the Arts? They performed to a standing ovation as can be expected.

But you are right, we need that kind of energy and to get into the 'groove'.

Rosi Crane said...

I don't remember 2002 at all - the whole year must have passed me by, not just the SSQ - sigh!