Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Buzz Quiz

So this new fund-raiser seems to be achieving one of its aims - to put the fun into fund-raising.

Two Buzz Quizzes and money in the kitty we didn't have before. Brilliant!

The principle is to pay a dollar to answer the question by signing your name alongside a numbered space. Each numbered space represents a possible answer to a fiendishly difficult question. (Am I biased? I hope so!)

The quiz is based around the old fair stalwart - how many beans are there in this jar - you know the sort of thing.

Each question therefore has a number as an answer. Simple as.

All that's required is a sense of the ridiculous. And as was suggested the other night a sense of the psychology of the quiz-master; where might the winning space lie? How many spaces would she have put before and how many after the correct answer? Personally, I think you're are on a hiding to nothing, with trying to work that out! People have been trying to figure her out for a long time.

The quiz-mistress is also judge and jury and will brook no argument with the answer. You can try to double-guess, try to interpret her enigmatic smile - or her giggles and guffaws, but she'll not let on whether you are near the mark or not, as you sign your name.

Each question also has a definition - to eliminate any possible and lingering doubts that players may face.
So far the questions (all two of them) have been musical - but they won't all be. I will vary them to include some local Dunedin knowledge.

I think the answers are surprising, did you realise we have sung 61 pieces of music since 2004? No? Neither did I until I calculated it out.

May you all have as much fun in playing as I'm having in setting the questions!

Next week is Sales Table Night (first Tuesdays in the month always are), so there'll not be a Buzz Quiz.

But watch out for the Buzz Quiz Corner on every Tuesday evening rehearsal.

Happy Buzz Quizz-ing!

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Leta said...

Absolutely brilliant idea, Rosi, thanks! It's causing quite a stir - of the good kind. Long may this continue, but will you ever run out of questions? Actually, I doubt that :-)