Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Notable patrons

It was really pleasing on Sunday to see so many Dunedinites brave the cold to attend the Fauré and Friends concert in St Paul's Cathedral. And it was not only Dunedinites; people further afield made a special trip into town - for example, we heard that car-loads came from Balclutha. That is so awesome! Thank you to all the patrons - a performance is so much better if there is a good audience to sing to.

Also spotted in the audience was Kenneth Young, conductor and composer from Christchurch, and Judy Bellingham, dramatic soprano and Senior Lecturer in Voice at the University of Otago.

Kenneth YoungJudy Bellingham

There may have been other notable patrons in the audience, but these are the only ones I was able to recognise. Thank you also to these busy people for taking the time to attend our Choir's performances.

Judging from the review we did not disappoint! In fact, reports are still coming in by word of mouth of how much people enjoyed the music and the quality of the performance. Well done City of Dunedin Choir!

Last night we started rehearsing for the next concert in early September, so if there are any singers out there looking for a choir to join, now would be a good time to come along - see for more information.

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