Friday, April 2, 2010

Faure Requiem

The Fauré Requiem forms part of the Choir's concert planned for 13 June in St Paul's Cathedral. Here is a "preview" of the music for your enjoyment:

I Introit et Kyrie

II Offertoire

III Sanctus

IV Pie Jesu

V Agnus Dei

VI Libera Me

VII In Paradisum


Leta said...

The Fauré Requiem is the first work of this genre I sang after joining the Port Elizabeth Oratorio Choir in 1974. This was an entirely thrilling experience for me, for the first time performing with a symphony orchestra, in the Feather Market Hall. In those days I was a soprano; now I'm firmly entrenched with the altos!

daharja said...

Hi Leta - I never knew you were a soprano! The secrets people have!

I've been the opposite to you - sung it loads of times as an alto, but only once (last year In St. Paul's) as a soprano.

Of course, my secret is that I'm not really a soprano. I'm just posing in the sop section. I'm really a tenor!

It will be a challenge to not come in on the alto entries! *augh!*


Leta said...

Mmm... started singing at school as a 1st sop - enjoying doing the descant line! Then as I got older - about 23 - the voice changed and I could do it no more :-P

So now I'm just a very boring and average 1st alto, but I still love singing!!!