Sunday, March 28, 2010

St John Today

After two days of a crewel work stitching class, taught by an Australian tutor held in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery , I crept in to the back of the Town Hall and stood spellbound for 40 minutes. I have never in 34 years been on the other side of the black music folder.
I was able to hear from the tenor aria near the beginning of the second half, until Claire had sung her "it is finished" aria. Not long enough - I wanted to hear it all.
First - you looked magnificent. The organ had red back lighting and you (the choir) and the orchestra dressed in black and white, ranged across the stage looked so professional. World class in my eyes.
I stood, unable to move for several chorales, the "kreutzigas", the "casting lots for the clothes" and Howard and Claire's "it is finished'. I thought you sang with all your heart and soul and I could hear that in the music. I wanted to join in and yet it was incredible to hear the music we practiced week after week, with all the familiar faces actually "on stage". I was totally overcome and you all became quite blurred for a time.
I have no idea what the review will say, but - Wow - you were great. Dunedin doesn't realise how lucky it is having "us". And we are so lucky to be able to sing fantastic music. I am so privileged to have been on the score side of the black folders.
I do have something to look forward to - and that is, when I am finally not able to sing in the choir I will be able to listen to you.


Leta said...

Thank you Carol - I can assure you it was a very good feeling facing the scores and finally feeling (mostly) in control of the very many notes and equally numerous German words! I think we all had that feeling today, while singing, that this is a huge performance. Yes, I agree, it was world class!

Sarah said...

I was another unable to sing on Sunday afternoon. I was there in the audience - and it was a marvellous concert!! You'll be pleased to know that for the sake of those around me, I restrained from joining in - requiring some self-discipline on my part. I was on the edge of my seat - willing you all on. And, you achieved it - magnificently! I had (almost) as much of a 'buzz' from the performance as I do 'on the other side of the black folder' as Carol puts it so well. The energy and musicality from you all was of a high standard. The orchestra was great - I loved David Murray's cello playing - the soloists were very good - and, as always, David B. brought it all together in great style. Well done! (And I can't wait to be back singing with you all)

daharja said...

Thanks so much, Carol! It was a great performance, and I know I was so proud of our choir being up there on stage! It's nice to know it came across well to the audience as well.

Go us! :-)