Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bach is hard work

Last night's rejearsal was long and exhausting! St John Passion is not an easy work and I always feel that there are too many notes! This little alto was very tired last night, to the extent of oversleeping this morning and being late for work. Oh well, it's not always easy to combine a working week with choir rehearsals when the pressure is on just prior to a concert.

Nevertheless, it is all worth the effort. It is very rewarding when suddenly there is the feeling: "Yes, it's all coming together now!" and one can begin to enjoy the music. I think we have reached that stage now.

Tickets are on sale now! Get yours now and don't miss this performance in the Dunedin Town Hall on Sunday 28 March at 3:00pm.

Paul McMahon.

Tenor Paul McMahon, singing the role of the Evangelist, is highly regarded in Australia for his interpretation of the baroque repertoire.

Lois Johnston, soprano, and Claire Barton, alto, are well known and admired by Dunedin concert goers. Oliver Sewell (tenor), Chris Bruerton (bass) and Howard Harvey (in the role of Christ), accomplished soloists from Christchurch, will contribute to the experience of this contemplative work.

Orchestral support will be provided by the Southern Sinfonia.

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