Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MESSIAH tonight

Kate Spence.
We are all revved up to give a top-class performance tonight - do come along to the Dunedin Town Hall for the 7:30 pm performance of Handel's Messiah. That's it - today Tuesday 8 December!!!

Wendy Dawn Thompson, mezzo-soprano billed to sing with us tonight, has unfortunately caught the nasties and her throat is now so sore that she will not be able to sing tonight. This must be the worst nightmare for a soloist... all the preparation, travelling to the concert city, the anticipation of participation (doesn't that sound nice and corny?), feeling that you are letting down the team...

Genuinely, this must be a great disappointment for Wendy and it certainly is for us too. All we can do for Wendy is give her our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

We are delighted to announce that mezzo-soprano Kate Spence is available to take Wendy's place. We have sung with Kate before and know that this experienced and sweet-voiced soloist will do us proud tonight. Thank you Kate, for your willingness to perform on such short notice. We know that you can probably sing Messiah flawlessly in your sleep, so we are looking forward to hearing you tonight.

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