Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sam McGredy's Handel

Sam McGredy the well-known rose breeder, moved to NZ from Portadown in Northern Ireland in 1972. This climber was bred in Northern Ireland in 1965. It is called HANDEL - which is why I've posted the pictures I took of it in the Botanic Garden on Saturday. Like paint colours the naming of roses is full of deep unfathomable mysteries. Maybe McGredy had just heard a performance of some Handel - though I doubt it would have been Messiah, as that is a traditional Christmas oratorio. Roses and Christmas make sense down here in the southern hemisphere, but not of course in Portadown!


Leta said...

What a beautiful rose! I imagine it smells sweetly too.

Rosi Crane said...

No good asking me I have a pathetic sense of smell - thank you mum!

daharja said...

Lovely photos, Rosi. Thanks so much.

Which reminds me of how I need to get down to the gardens again of a morning - those ducks are probably hungry!

I think Alan Girvan volunteers down there on Friday mornings too, if anyone wants to catch up with him. Alan?