Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun with the Glory of the Lord

You had to be there, but I'll tell you about an hillarious moment at last night's rehearsal. Our illustrious conductor, David Burchell, decreed that the opening chorus of Handel's Messiah, And the Glory of the Lord, shall be sung with the scores closed. Right. We all agree that will make for a very powerful opening statement, as it were, to the performance. We do sound better when we don't have our heads buried in the copies. We've been warned, so now our memories were put to the test.

David did promise he would bring us in at the right place, so we all watched him like a hawk (or would that be a flock of hawks?), him being the only one allowed an open score.

Of course the Altos have the honour of the very first entry, an easy one to get right but very much exposed with no other supporting voices. We (I'm one of them) were on our toes at that point, and elicited an "Altos, that was smashing!" from David. That was not the funny bit, but pleasing nevertheless.

Then further along it all collapses, David admitting to being the cause: "Basses, I misled you - I looked at you and you sang!". On we go...

And then the whole choir dissolved in hysterics when the Sopranos forgot to come in on "For the mouth..." which caused the Altos to miss their cue.

Not to worry, in the end we got it right, and there are a few rehearsals yet to get the order of the notes firmly fixed in the little grey cells.

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daharja said...

Oh, I am NOT looking forward to this!

Having never sung the Messiah before, I'm finding it hard enough going along at the cracking pace we're doing the thing. The thought of having to do bits of it by memory in only a few weeks is a wee bit scary :-(

I wonder what happens if we decide to cheat on the night, and use our scores anyway?

I mean, if it's a choice between cheating with a score, and of totally fouling it up, I'd much rather be the fluffhead who is there holding her score and looking stupid, than making impromptu solos all over the place, and singing with the basses.

(Actually, singing with the basses might be fun...hehehe )

Seriously, it's all right for you Messiah experts who have done it ten times and more, but have a little love for the newbies among your ranks, to whom the Glory Of The Lord is something we've never before seen.

But yes, it was rather funny last night!