Wednesday, November 11, 2009

20 get A-round at Orokonui

20 brave souls were proud to sing Christopher Marshall's "Earth Song" written in 2000 at the Grand Opening of the Orokonui Ecosanctuary. Mastering this cheeky little number was with challenges for the innumerate, but blessings for those with ears only for their part. At the end, there was a subtle victory of bravery over brains. We rounded it out, as it were, with, I might add, musicality! Alan Edwards and Roland Storm have a new devotion for the tambourine. In fact, I believe they are commissioning a tambourine double concerto for the proms - a rare treat for the composer(s) among us! David was pretty good, but then he always is.

The evening also included Sir Alan Mark, David Ellison, Ralph Allen, Andrew Noone and Colin Campbell-Hunt who all gave tribute to the dedication of those who created this haven for New Zealand’s indigenous flora and fauna.

Orokonui Ecosanctuary is a wonderful thing. The visitors' centre provides stunning views out over Waitati and beyond to the Kilmog, has great information booths and promises to make a good coffee. All of which makes it a must on anyone’s walking calendar.

So stretch the legs and share the pride.

Contributed by Marian Poole.

1 comment:

daharja said...

"Cheeky little number", indeed!

Oh my goodness! It wasn't the easiest piece to sing, was it?

However, I think we nailed it, and I'd like to think we did just a little bit of credit to it as well.

I'm still laughing about successfully managing to con a few choir members into believing we would be performing in caftans and muumuus!