Thursday, October 8, 2009

membership of Blind Federation

Today I heard that I meet the requirements for membership of the Blind Federation. My qualification is based on Peripheral Vision - Field tests. I have good central vision, and reading at short distances is no problem. Benefits seem to be some group activities.

My problems can be adjusting to light transitions between very bright and very dull light. This is why is can be difficult walking from the choir room to the stage on concert nights. It does not help that these two little stairs do not yet have a bannister on the right side as people walk down. I hope this will be a priority when the refurbishment is carried out. One little light bulb above the stairs in the fitting which is already there would be very helpful. I have seen other people stumble on these stairs, and many people complain about the stairs. Some day, some thing will happen before an accident happens.

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Leta said...

Your specific concerns have been brought to the attention of the planners during the public consultation phase of the Town Hall refurbishment project. We all agree that making tyhose stairs safer should be a priority!