Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fine performance of Yeomen of the Guard, but no ice cream at interval

One of the highlights of the last couple of years G and S has been the ice cream. As we got to the interval last night, the decision would be - berry, cappuccino, or cookies and cream. This decision was alas taken out of our hands when the Mayfair decided not to serve them, but boring biscuits and coffee in the Green Room. (Some people connected with the production may have been a bit taken aback that my abiding memory of the production was lack of ice cream. This is standard for me. You will note that the article about Rossini soon becomes a discussion about sauce for steak, and the Mahler 8 became memories of coffee shops in Lygon St.) After walking up and down all those wretched badly lit stairs at the Mayfair, it was lucky everything else was totally enjoyable. If you have not yet booked, it is a great night out. Maybe not such well known tunes as some G and S. I thought the best music was the finale to Act 1 - the Execution scene, which was not really a comic scene - it was drama.

You should not single out singers, because G and S is a team effort, but all the principals were great. Great acting, as well. Emma was fantastic - only a few weeks till she is in City Choir Messiah.

Whinge about lighting of public space - my favourite topic about buildings around Dunedin. Mayfair is a grand old building. For the public, they could still make sure that people can see where they are going when they use the stairs. Also, just as you enter the building, there are a couple of little steps from Hell. Last year, I saw an older lady trip and fall to the ground as she left the theatre. What a way to end a nice evening. That may not have been an eyesight thing - one of those little steps that you do not notice. It would be nice if some of things could be fixed before rather than after a serious accident.

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daharja said... cream! Now you've got me thinking about that yummy frozen yoghurt that is sold at that place on the way to Wanaka.



Hey, isn't it about time City Choir went on tour?