Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spring Baking

Wow what a roaring success that idea for last night's Sales Table was. Brilliant, the table was groaning. I had to stack biccies in piles as there wasn't room to spread them individually. The marmalades, the jam and the lemon curd thing (sorry it went so quickly I didn't even get chance to see what the jars actually contained, but it looked like lemon curd, so that's what I'll call it)all went really quickly. There was plenty of choice, yummy looking moist brownies, shortbread for the not-quite-such-a-sweet-tooth brigade, biccies with or without raisins, and heaps of cakes (including a huge one, which I bought and will bring on Saturday with knife, so we can have an interesting break in rehearsal).

Brilliant! Thanks everyone - we broke all previous records.

Oh and the singing was good too!!

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