Thursday, July 16, 2009

Skiving off City Choir to sing in Wellington

I've a confession to make.

I wasn't at City Choir on Tuesday because I was in Wellington on holiday. Naughty me.

Send me to the naughty corner. No dessert tonight.

However...I did take the chance, while there, to sing with the wonderful Orpheus Choir.

They're performing the Verdi Requiem this weekend, so I got the chance to sight-sing the fugues (and everything else) at full speed, with no preparation! What fun!

I've done the Verdi before, but it was nearly a decade ago, and as a second Alto. So the First Soprano line was new to me.

We also sang the Polovtsian Dances, another piece I'd done before as an Alto, but not as a Soprano. And straight after rehearsal I had to text my great mate Philip Legge to tell him they were using his score from the CPDL. He was pleased to hear it.

I had a whale of a time. The Orpheus Choir made me very welcome, and my fellow Sopranos said they'd love to welcome any City Choir members who happen to venture up to Wellington and have a spare Tuesday night.

They rehearse from 7:30 to 9:30, same as us.

Anyway, while I was there, between a few sopranos and myself we hatched a very tentative and cunning plan to do a massed choir performance of Bach's Christmas Oratorio in Wellington sometime soon.

Maybe next year, if we can convince David and Michael Fulcher (their conductor). We haven't mentioned the idea to either of the men yet, but I guess this blog post is shoving the idea out into the open, isn't it? Hehehe.

Orpheus sopranos are aching to do the Bach, and were apparently quite jealous when they heard we sang the piece last year.

You can read about my adventures in Wellington in full at my blog, The Chorister - here's a link to the post Get your Wellies on - and sing!

So yes, I was naughty. I wasn't at City Choir. But I DID attend rehearsal!


Leta said...

That sounds like good fun! I would love to sing the Christmas Oratorio again - any day. Bring it on...

daharja said...

Hi Leta - I think singing together with the Wellies would be great fun.

Maybe doing massed choir performances of the Oratorio up and down the country a couple of years from now, starting in, say, Invercargill, and concluding in Hamilton a couple a weeks before Christmas?

What fun that would be! Just imagine - 200+ choristers on stage.

Well, you're on committee. Now is the time to start handing out the chocolate bribes ;-)