Sunday, July 5, 2009

It was cold, .. no really, it was!

This is us rehearsing on Saturday afternoon. During a patch where the orchestra are practicing their bit. Note scarves, hats, overcoats...

... and mittens!

The only person wearing just a shirt was David; clearly waving your arms around in a meaningful fashion (aka conducting) is sufficient exercise to keep warm.

We had been forewarned. Friday evening rehearsal was distinctly chilly, even though the heating had been on for six hours. The Cathedral is, after all, a large space to heat.

So, a decision was made that meant that the ladies could wear dress black pants for the performance. Though suggested Judy the long black skirts were more forgiving of things that could be worn underneath to keep warm. I checked with her today, and true to her word, she admitted she had on tights, a pair of long-johns, and black socks tucked into her boots. However, what she hadn't realised was that I had managed to wear my summer weight track-pants (usually worn in the garden) under my dress pants!

So if we moved onto the 'stage' rather sedately, it was due in part at least, to lots of layers of clothing under our choir uniform!

Never mind, hope you all enjoyed it ... we did!


daharja said...

I'm going to rebel in our next concert, I swear!

You'll see me standing next to the tenors, like I did this concert - wearing a dinner suit! Then I won't be shivering quite so much!

Our skimpy ladies uniforms are just a wee bit too cold for the likes of me! And being cold, despite what you might think, does NOT help us sopranos achieve those almighty top "B nasties"!

Leta said...

Lovely pictures... thanks!