Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hillarious moments in rehearsal

During the final rehearsals for this weekend's Anniversary Accolades performances there were these two hillarious moments. For those who missed the joke, I'll try to tell it here, but you really had to be there!

David Burchell, our esteemed conductor, has a wonderful sense of humour, but these utterings were quite innocent and unintentionally funny, which makes it even more enjoyable.

He was talking to the tenors and basses, trying to encourage them to sing with confidence in a passage where the two voices were rather exposed, so he says to them: "You have no ladies on top of you at this point..." - and we all cracked up! The gents should be so lucky... ??!!

And then there was the bit where he was organising sits and stands. When we enter stage, someone has to keep an eye on proceedings and when everyone has filed onto the stage, give the signal so we can all sit down together. So he asks alto Rosi Crane who stands at the far end: "Rosi, can you see the last ones on without too much craning?" Again - raucous laughter. I don't think the orchestra got this one; they did not know Rosi's surname is Crane!

Good luck to all for tonight's performance; it's going to be very good! And then we get to do it all again on Sunday - yippee!!

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daharja said...


Reminds me of an old friend from years ago, by the name of Phillip (I don't mean he was old, just that it was a long time ago).

He used to keep a notebook of all our gaffes and double entendres, which were published regularly in the choral society's magazine.

I guess this blog is our equivalent!