Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snow Day!

We're snowed in, and if you haven't heard, City Choir is cancelled tonight. Whatever shall I do with all my spare time?

Well, I could build another snowperson. The first one didn't look too good:

snow poodle-person

But then, I am an Aussie, so concessions must be made. I'm not used to all this white cold stuff that falls from the sky. Cooking eggs on the footpath - now that I'm an expert at!

Or I could just enjoy the scenery out the window.

snowy view

I see scenes like this, and imagine Father Christmas (he is NOT "Santa Claus" in MY family, thankyou very much!) to come shooting over the top of Stone Street in his sleigh.

Or to at least cruise along Kaikorai Valley Road in a beat-up combi van with snow chains.

beat up combi van

On a more serious note, yes, City Choir is cancelled tonight. Yes, we have a rehearsal on Saturday morning instead, as I've just been informed by email. 10:00 to 12:30. Hmmm...that time slot is starting to feel a bit familiar!

So tonight, I shall grab my copy of Handel and go over "My Heart Is Inditing" for a couple of hours until I nail every last note!

Actually, I'll enjoy some of the gorgeous-smelling homemade shortbread I just baked, play a game or two of Up And Down The Creek Without A Paddle, and have a hot bath with lots of bubbles. Then maybe do a bit of rehearsing if I feel like it.

But if I told you I'm spending all evening rehearsing you wouldn't believe me.

Would you?


Rosi Crane said...

I thought your snow man was not a bad attempt for someone unaccustomed to the white stuff. Snow in Dunedin, however is generally disappointing, thin and wet and usually gone by lunchtime. Pathetic!
Snow 3ft deep and crisp and even is worth getting cold for on the snowman building - not that it happened like that very often in southern England.

Lee said...

We worked hard on that snowpoodle...ummm...person! ;-)

The main problem was my son (age 4) kept wanting to jump on the pile of snow as we built it, then my daughter (age 2) thought that looked like a great idea, and joined him. It took a while to convince them it was more fun to actually *build* something that build-and-destroy!

I think we all need a few more decent snowfalls so we can train up in the art of snowpeople-making. It's only June, and not yet quite Midwinter, so there's hope for a bit more before the weather improves.

And saying that reminds me of the Midwinter Carnival this Saturday from 5:30. See you there! Yay!