Sunday, March 1, 2009

Proms in Dunedin and on tour

Alex and Colin Campbell-Hunt.
To add to Rosi's great photos, here is more at this web album.

We'll remember this Proms as Alex Campbell-Hunt's BIG NIGHT. It was the premiere of his composition Sakura Trees (The Airborne Shadow) - and what a marvellous work! I just loved it - so interesting, so neatly done, with attention to detail, crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's, and a lovely tuneful theme too. I was happy to hear it at all the rehearsals and both performances, and would go back for more!

This picture tells it all - Alex and Colin in animated congratulatory mode - so well-deserved!

The Choir's moment in the sun came with the performance of Toward the Unknown Region by Vaughan Williams. Wow, what a buzz that was! Vaughan Williams really knew how to put together a smashingly good tune. Don't forget the Southern Sinfonia - I was really impressed with their playing. Well done!

And then the Choir went on tour - we got to do it all again a second time in Oamaru at the newly refurbished Opera House. What a sweet little opera house - not very big, but ever so pretty, with a real chandelier hanging from the centre dome. Mmm... behind the scenes there is still a heap of work in progress and for our warm-ups etc. the Choir was shoved into a dungeon beneath the stage - all concrete and unfinished and cold, but I suppose that was just the "growing pains" of the refurbishing project.

The Oamaruarians really got into the spirit of the Proms - they even had a guard of honour all dressed up smartly in red jackets, kilts and pith helmets (I think that's what those funny hats are called) who escorted the "Queen" to the royal seat in the front of house just before the concert started.

I could safely say that much fun was had by all and we made it safely back to our beds in Dunedin by about midnight on Saturday.

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