Sunday, March 1, 2009

The DCC photo shoot

As you've heard before during notices time at rehearsal, a few members gathered in the Town Hall for a photo shoot arranged by the DCC on Monday 26 January 2009. This had to be arranged on rather short notice, so it was quite a scramble to get a few people together, since many of us were still away on holiday at that time.

The purpose of this photo shoot is so that the DCC could use the Choir images in their marketing materials for the DCC's 2009 Annual Plan. One of the images will be shown in the Dunedin City Council Annual Plan and State of City Report and feature on a TV commerial on Channel 9. It will also be placed on an internal banner within the 2009 Have Your Say Expo in the Dunedin Town Hall, 27 to 28 March.

So finally, here are a few pictures that are representative of the shoot. The photographer was Bill Nichol. Ask Graham if he enjoyed the make-up session! We all had to submit to being puffed and powdered so we would not have too high a gloss in the bright lights!
Graham Shirley and the make-up lady.
City of Dunedin Choir.
City of Dunedin Choir.

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