Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rehearsing for the Proms concert

Kenneth Young.Well, it's Wednesday and we've just had our first rehearsal with conductor Kenneth Young and the Southern Sinfonia, for Friday and Saturday's Proms concerts. I really enjoyed Ken's sense of humour. I think it is a required skill of any conductor to have all kinds of tricks up his sleeve to entice the musicians to deliver of their best, the way he wants them to.

As a "for-instance", while rehearsing "Pomp and Circumstance" Ken tells the orchestra that they should not rush, this should be all pompous, besides, it's BRITISH! The British don't rush, they queue!

For the choir he had this bit of advice when he wanted us to BREATHE: Try this trick when you practice your breathing - put an empty toilet roll in your mouth, close your lips around it and INHALE and feel your lungs really fill up. That's how you should breathe.

Helen Medlyn.All his little stories had the desired effect - the orchestra and the choir delivered the goods. And then of course there is Helen Medlyn - what an awesome voice! She does not need any little stories; she knows how to deliver. It's going to be a great concert.

For those who don't yet know the performances are:

Friday 27 February 2009, 7:30 pm, Dunedin Town Hall
Saturday 28 February 2009, 7:00 pm, Oamaru Opera House

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