Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Sales Table

Sales Table February 2009


Every month we hold a Sales Table to raise funds for the choir. These are two views of the loaded, nay groaning table, full of baking, preserves, plants, and garden produce which are sold in the break in the rehearsal. Such is the nature of the generous donations, we made $240 in the 15minutes!

Sales Table February 2009

Upstairs we sell second-hand books, magazines, CDs, and hand-made cards. Alas I was too busy selling the produce downstairs to take piccies of the upstairs table. But here are some samples of the cards that Leta and I made on the weekend.

They are laid out in a corridor, drying after we had 'fixed' them.

Sales Table February 2009
Sales Table February 2009

1 comment:

daharja said...

Oh, you clever ladies! The cards were so beautiful, as usual.

These days I find I have to keep away from the sales table, as the goodies look so yummy, and my girth is not decreasing! But I might be tempted next table on behalf of my less well-rounded kids!