Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Party tonight

Would you believe it? We have come to the end of another exciting choral year. Our concerts went down like a house on fire! You could tell from the rave reviews we got; have a look at the Choir's website news page.

Highlights of 2008:

Proms Concert with the Southern Sinfonia
Franz Schubert's Mass No. 5 in A Flat
South African and New Zealand national anthems at the rugby test
Carl Orff's Carmina Burana
Elgar's Dream of Gerontius
Bach's Christmas Oratorio

We can be very proud of a busy and successful year. So come along tonight all ye City of Dunedin Choir choristers, it's party-time! Bring along your Messiah scores, a plate of nibbles, and don't forget the party hats! Also bring a camera and snap the fun to share those magic moments with everyone.


daharja said...

Hi Leta - It was good fun last night, wasn't it!

I'm still wondering what all the yummies I ate will do to my waistline - actually, I know, and there lies the problem. Oh well, diet starts after Christmas. As usual ;-)

And whoever made those strawberry meringues, can I marry you? ;-)

I've never actually done the whole Messiah, only bits of it - and have never done any of it as a soprano, so it was good to get a 'sneak peek' for next year! I'll have to get my own coy in advance and practice - you all seemed so familiar with it!

I'll miss City Choir over the break - I guess I'll have to find something else to do with my Tuesday nights now!

Have a lovely Christmas and a safe and happy New Year everyone!



Leta said...

Well, if you have sung Messiah every second year for half your life or more, then I expect you do get kind of familiar with it! Now you also know why we all have our own copies of the score.

I was surprised last night to find that I even knew the lines of the soloists!

Funny thing is, it never gets stale; we always love doing it again. I suppose that is an attribute of really great music, to be able to sustain in this way.

daharja said...

Well, Handel does have a certain toe-tapping grooviness to him, that's for certain! I'm looking forward to actually singing the whole thing next year - it should be lots of fun!

Thanks for taking the photos, too. I had my camera on me, but was too busy drinking, talking and eating (in that order) to take snaps.

Here's to a great year of City Choir. I hope to enjoy many more!