Wednesday, December 10, 2008

City Choir ends with a Hallelujah!

(The following is x-posted from The Chorister)

City Choir had our final rehearsal last night.

I say 'rehearsal' although it wasn't really. We'd already sung our last concert (the Bach Christmas Oratorio), so last night we were instructed to bring along 1) our Messiah scores, 2) a plate of food to share, and 3) our wits.

The first presented a problem. I don't own a Messiah score. I've never actually performed the entire work, to my best recollection - and what I have performed from Messiah I have sung as an Alto. Yeah - more sight-singing! As if I needed more, with all the work I'm doing at St Pauls!

The second did not present a problem. I bought six punnets of luscious strawberries, a block each of dark, milk and white chocolate, and dipped the strawberries. Here's a photo of the outcome:

Of course, I couldn't eat any of them - or even lick the bowl afterwards - due to my being one year chocolate-free. Now that was hard, but I prevailed, and can still say I am chocolate-free - four months down and going strong!

The third - well, I can't say I ever have my wits about me, as I'm usually exhausted, but I do try!

Messiah was fun. I still don't understand why more of the women weren't willing (as I was) to try singing the tenor and bass solos at pitch. They weren't that low! Really! And it can be fun to sing a couple of octaves down from where we normally hang out! But some of us were willing and able, and David didn't seem to mind too much. He didn't stop us! Hehehe.

The spread of food was awesome. People really excelled themselves. Yum. I must admit I have a weakness for meringues and anything involving strawberries, and both were featured in one dish, which met with my solid approval. My tastebuds were revelling. There were lovely slices and cakes and truffles and mince pies - and all of it appetizing. And almost all of it disappeared when break time was called. Washed down with wine, beer and juice. Lovely.

After break, when we were all feeling well-oiled, it was time for the Hallelujah Chorus. Lots of fun. We blasted it out! Yay! Then home time. Boo! Hiss! In fact, so much Boo and Hiss that a small group of us decided to go socialise some more, and went off to the Octagon for an hour or so. And why not? The night was too young!

So City Choir has finished for 2008. It has been my first year with this choir, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and look forward to 2009. Everyone has made me very welcome, we have performed some excellent works to a very high standard, and I have been proud not only of my own achievements but of those who I have been honoured to sing and work with. What more can any chorister ask for?


Leta said...

I wondered who was responsible for those awesome strawberries - well done and thank you!

It was a great party and a fitting end to a very successful year for the choir.

Lee said...

Hi Leta - I want to know who was responsible for those awesome strawberry meringues.

Will the culinary genius please step forward? ;-)

Leta said...

Hi Leanne, Sorry I don't know who that was. I did not get to eat one but they certainly looked delectable. I think you can buy the meringue cups at New World and then just top them up with cream and strawberries to taste!