Tuesday, October 21, 2008


During our recent overseas trip Denise and I stayed with some old friends in the outskirts of Paris.

About a couple of days before we moved on we decided to visit what to me is one of the most beautiful spots in Paris, the church of Sainte-Chapelle. King Louis IX commissioned it in 1248 as a reliquary for Christ's crown of thorns. Our host Roger went with us. We soon found, however that there was a strike of workers on the Metro and Roger so wanted to go that we took a bus which took about four times as long to get there.

When we finally got there we found the queue to be so long that we gave up and went to other places finishing up at Notre Dame. Now to get home. We understood that at about six o'clock the strike had been called off and decided to get the Metro back to Antony where we were staying.

Descending into the abyss of the underground we were jammed hard against each other as everybody had the same idea. We reached the ticket barriers, passed through and I looked up and thought I saw someone I knew but that couldn't be, not here! Then a voice said "That looks like Graham Shirley". I had a conniption! Oh No! Oh No! I couldn't believe it - there alongside us were Carol and Trevor Kempton with their daughter. They had been there on holiday too. We all fought our way to the platform and into the carriage where we could hardly breathe and eventually disembarked at our respective stations.

Glad to see that we all made it back home safely.

By the way when we got to Roger's place they were showing on TV the very service at Notre Dame that we had witnessed.

Graham Shirley

PS you'll enjoy this picture - it's somewhere in Bath. Look closely; it says "SING FOR LIFE" on the piggy's side.
Sing for Life.


Lee said...

I think it's a Roman pig. I note the laurel crown and toga.

No violin, so definitely not Caligupig. Maybe Gaius Pigius Caesar?


Very cute.

Lee said...

Sorry. Neropig with the violin. I'm getting my swines addled ;-)