Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Diane Campbell-Hunt in memoriam

Diane Campbell-Hunt (in the red shirt).
It is with great sadness that we heard, last night at rehearsal, of Diane's tragic death. She was a cherished choir member and a respected citizen. It was plain to see for all how much her family loved her. What a sad loss for them; we keep them in our thoughts and our hearts through this difficult time.

We mourn the loss of a thoroughly decent human being - Diane was always friendly, had a ready smile for everyone, and struck me as a caring person. She had boundless energy for her passions in life. (For new members who don't know Diane well, that is her in the red shirt on the photo. You would have seen her in the front row of the first alto section.)

We have heard over the years how hard Diane had worked to get the Orokonui Ecosanctuary off the ground and what a wonderful success story that is! For a recap of Diane's achievements read the Otago Daily Times story.

Please add your memories of Diane in comments to this posting.

Diane Campbell-Hunt's funeral is to be held at St John's Church, Roslyn on Wednesday 15 October at 1pm. Colin would like to invite any members of the City Choir who wish, to join with the choir of St John's to sing at the service. The two choral pieces are Tallis's 'If ye love me' and Rutter's Gaelic Blessing 'Deep peace of the running wave'. (Due to the restricted size of the chancel at St John's we may have to limit numbers to fit us in.)


Unknown said...

This is tragic, shattering news and inexplicable. I occasionally would run into Diane around campus and we would have a quiet chat. She was gentle, eminently sensible and so positive-a really lovely person.

Warren Tate

Unknown said...

I am devastated at the news of Dianne's tragic death. I feel so privileged to have known Dianne. She has been a wonderful friend to me, both at choir as a fellow alto and as a co-member of the Bookgroup we both enjoyed. Dianne was a very special person and my heart goes out to her family at this time. The world has lost one of its finest citizens.


Lee said...

This was just awful.

I'm so sorry for her family's loss.


vindalle said...

Diane sat next to me at Carmina Burana - and when I was so stressed about everything, she was so encouraging, helpful, and kind to me. I can't even begin to imagine what her family is going through at this time. Diane was a wonderful, caring mother, friend, and member of society. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her! I am honoured to have known Diane, and she will never be forgotten.


Mike Atkinson said...

Diane was one of my best friends. She was generous, thoughtful, kind and great fun - one of those exceptional people who lift the hearts of those around them. I shall never forget how she helped me to pull through my own crisis - with wisdom, practical support and always being there for me. Losing her is so very very sad.

Esther Vierck said...

I always thought of Diane as outstanding: combining intelligence with warmth, scientific interest with kindness. I kept being amazed about the multiple ways in which she could find access to the books we read in the bookclub. It was a true pleasure knowing her.

loraineot said...

This has been shattering news and I am so very saddened by Diane's death. She was a lovely woman, who always gave of her time, energy and wisdom, and who always had a smile for you. Sitting next to her at choir was such a pleasure to me, as her voice was a joy to listen to and tune in to. I shall miss her very much. My deepest sympathy Colin, to you and your family.

Loraine Whitwell

Tui said...

I first met Diane in connection with the Orokonui Trust, and was surprised and pleased to find her at choir when I re-joined. She was intelligent, kind and sensible - a person I really liked and respected. I am so very sorry for her family's loss. How can we come to terms with such a sudden and unexpected death? It violates something in all of us. And is also part of life. She was a lovely person and will be missed by many people.

Sheza's photos said...

I have only just discovered that Dianne had passed away. I met her on a passenger liner when we were travelling to Europe in July 1974, and became fast friends. This is devastating news.

Unknown said...

Thought of Diane randomly today. Diane used to look after me as a child after school when they lived in Scotland and her son Alex was my best childhood friend. She will forever be missed.