Monday, September 15, 2008

ZZZs and poledancing on the bus

Alan and Helen Edwards, with Polly Mason behind them.Now here's a little more about the trip to Christchurch, focussing on the people and conversations. Well, one conversation in particular was hillarious. But before we get to that, have a look at Alan! He's not the only one who managed to catch a few ZZZZs on the journey. We had a beautiful bus (or perhaps I should call it a coach) and Gerald Tinto was a good driver - never exceeding the speed limit. No, his name is not really Tinto - the bus company was Tinto.

On the other hand, Polly, behind Alan on this photo, was more typical of the group - chattering away ten to the dozen, hardly stopping for air, non-stop for five hours at a stretch!

Now for the hillarious conversation - you've guessed it, about poledancing! What makes it weird is that the majority of the ladies in this conversation were grey-haired and 50+ (we won't say by how much!). We were a snug wee group right at the front of the bus on the way home - Leanne (no, she's definitely not 50+), Jane, Julia, Loraine, Carol, Ann, Carole, myself, and I could not really see who else had their ears pricked for this chat - when Loraine suddenly asked if we knew what the latest form of exercise is. We had to give but half a shake of the head to have her shriek: "Poledancing!" Oh yes, said I, my daughter-in-law has a poledancing studio in Wellington (which of course immediately made me the expert on poledancing - tee hee hee). So you can imagine the lively discussion that followed - what do the poles look like, how smooth are they, how skimpy must the clothing be and how high the heels of the poledancer. We went on to fantasize to our hearts' content - after all, poledancing is a very sexy form of exercise - with much shrieking laughter.

Now up to this point our esteemed director, David, had been sitting at the back of the bus with the boys and he must have thought the front of the bus sounds much more interesting, so he joined us. Of course, to his embarrassment, we had to give him the highlights of our very recent discussion! Jane kindly changed the topic and, with some reluctance, we went on to talk about the "work" of the weekend. (For the record: Elgar's Dream of Gerontius, Saturday 13 September 2008, Christchurch Town Hall.)

We dissected the performance, the soloists and the conductor. Concensus was that the performance on the whole was a success. It was a pity that David Hamilton was so exhausted and jet-lagged, but his performance was better in the second half (not that his performance was ever anything but good!). Paul Whelan was brilliant and Kate Spence was excellent (except for one awry note). We all agreed that the conductor was not so hot. Oh well, enough said. We all have our ups and our downs. The performance was recorded by NZ On Air for later broadcast.


daharja said...


I usually comment on posts on the blog, but I'm wondering what *on earth* I can possibly say about this post without treading on rather, ummm, naughty ground.


Ah, yes, the soloists. The conductor. The concert. All excellent. Does anyone know when the concert will be broadcast so we don't miss it?

As for pole dancing, well, they do say that good Russians are a dime a dozen, but good Poles are hard to find...

daharja said...

FYI, further to our conversation:

Pole Fitness New Zealand

(Ok, so I'm naughty! But it does sound like fun!)