Sunday, September 14, 2008

On the way to Christchurch

Photo opportunity! Here we are, around 12 noon on Friday, ready to start on the journey to Christchurch to join the Christchurch City Choir in performing Elgar's Dream of Gerontius on Saturday 13 September.
City of Dunedin Choir.
Carol, Alan, Helen, Loraine and Julia.Carol, Alan, Helen, Loraine and Julia.
John Barr, his wife, Tree Cocks.John Barr, his wife and Tree Cocks.
Judy, Jane, Ann and Gillian.Judy, Jane, Ann and Gillian.
Polly, Alan and Cyril.Polly, Alan and Cyril.
Bob Neilson and his wife.Bob Neilson and his wife.

For more stories about the trip to Christchurch, see:
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1 comment:

daharja said...

Great photos. Thanks for posting them. I guess I'd better load mine up, and do a quick movie cut and paste job of the snippets I took.

BTW, did you get to the daffodil glade in the Botanic Gardens? Absolutely stunning!

I think I took more photos of the flowers than anything. Wordsworth would have been inspired - I certainly was.