Sunday, September 7, 2008

Music downloads from eMusic

eMusic is a music download subscription service that is well worth the price. There are different subscription options, but for example for $12 US per month you can download 30 tracks to your computer each month.

Read all about eMusic and browse their catalogue

It has a vast catalogue with just about any genre imaginable. The following is from their blurb:

eMusic sells all of its content in MP3, the digital music format used by hundreds of millions of consumers and the only one that offers all the functions of physical music products such as the CD. The MP3 format allows consumers to play tracks on any device, burn CDs and make as many copies as they like for personal use.

For each 30 day period you receive a fixed number of downloads for one low price. Every 30 days your account is refreshed with the appropriate number of downloads. Downloads do not rollover from one period to the next.

Because eMusic is a subscription-based service it is able to offer downloads at costs substantially lower than other major digital music services.

eMusic offers more than 4 million tracks from the world's leading independent labels. Unlike the other digital music services, we are 100% focused on independent music. Best of all, new artists, albums and labels are added every week.

OK, so these are the indie labels - you won't get the famous labels and artists there, but the quality of the stuff we have have bought is fine. And if you are interested, they sell audio books also.

And no, I don't get any commission for advertising on their behalf - it simply is a good deal I'd like to share!

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AlanGirvan said...

eMusic is great but I am too mean to want to pay for anything online. I quite like Classicsonline which lets me listen to samples. I did buy three tracks from them, and I would do that again, they are good quality. Classicsonline does let you download a free track every month. This month is a Berlioz overture.