Monday, September 22, 2008

I won a prize!!!

On today's Concert Programme at 7 30 am it was announced that Alan Girvan from Dunedin had answered last week's quiz question correctly. Prize is a CD of Janacek's opera Jenufa, which NZ Opera is performing ( but not in Dunedin.)

If our choir ever wants to do Janacek, there is the Glagolitic Mass. This is a very big noisy work, sung in an ancient Slavonic language. It has a huge Organ solo, so if we did it David would have to decide whether he wanted to play the solo or leave it to Rachael and Norma.

It is also a big sing for the soloists, in fact the tenor part is so high you may see the tenor's veins standing out from his forehead.


Leta said...

Oh wow, that's very nice, congratulations!

daharja said...

Yep - congratulations!