Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Danny Boy

A new spin on an old classic.

Nothing to do with the Christmas Oratorio, but I do think these guys have real talent - don't you? (Maybe we could invite them to the tenor section? [G, D & R])


Leta said...

Oh wow, that was fun. These Muppets are a marvel. Bring it on! Have you seen the movie "The Muppet Musicians of Bremen"?

Here's a taste: and look out for the rest - there are several parts!

daharja said...

I love the Muppets. The Swedish Chef in particular is very cool - have you seen the one with the Lobsters?

One of the all-time stupid things that cracks me up.

I'll have to watch the Bremen Musicians all together - it looks great.

There are a fair few Muppets links at my Youtube Favourites list, if you're into extreme silliness - and hey, who wouldn't be?