Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Choir Midi Learning

Hi all,

i have found a website where we can learn the notes online with midi.
you just click the link below to get the midi.
BACH Christmas Oratorio
this is really useful website for us to practise at home.


daharja said...

Thanks for the link - although I pity the poor person who had to enter it all in if they did it by hand :-(

However, some composition programs will generate midis from converted files. For example, I have Sibelius 3 which you can use to scan in printed music (which it does fairly successfully).

Once you have a printed version, you can fix any errors, and create a midi as per normal, which is a very straightforward job - just a matter of selecting the midi option when printing.

OK, I confess - I'm a bit of a Sibelius lover :-)

Leta said...

Thanks, that's great! I'll remind choristers the link is here when next I send out a notice to all.