Sunday, August 3, 2008

Werner Andreas Albert conducts Carmina Burana

Wow, that was one intense rehearsal session this afternoon, but it was good! It made me think this is going to be one awesome concert. We still had a few stumbles, but I'm sure that will all be ironed out before the performance next Saturday.

Werner is clearly a conductor with a huge capacity to get the best out of the singers. As David would also say, it's really important that we keep our eyes on the conductor as much as possible; it's always the key to a great performance!

Here's a bio for Werner, in case you'd like to know more about this esteemed conductor:

Internationally acclaimed conductor Werner Andreas Albert has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in his native Germany, and for more than 25 years has been much beloved in Australasia. He was chief conductor of the ABC for 8 years and has conducted all 6 Symphony Australia orchestras. His extensive reputation is built on an extraordinary collection of recorded works, mastery of the German Romantic repertoire, and a finely developed skill to inspire and draw out the best in orchestras he conducts.

As a conductor, Werner has held a number of titled positions, including Chief Conductor of the Queensland Symphony, the North West German Philharmonic, the Gulbenkian Orchestra (Lisbon) and the Nuremberg Symphony. He has enjoyed great success conducting tours to the United States, South America, the USSR, China, and most European countries. In recent years he has conducted in Beijing, and at Triphony Hall and Tokyo Opera City Concert in Japan with the New Japan Philharmonic and the Tokyo City Symphony Orchestra.

Werner has been recognized repeatedly by both the German Federal and Bavarian State Governments for his dedication to music. He holds the title of Member of the Bundesverdienstkreuz, Erste Klasse, the German equivalent of the British Order of Merit, as well as the Bayerischer Verdienstorden (Bavarian Order of Merit), which is limited to a restricted number of living members. Maestro Albert is Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia, and lives in Queensland and Nuremberg.

Principal Guest Conductor of the Southern Sinfonia since 2007, Werner pursues an active career, dividing his time between Australasia and Europe.


AlanGirvan said...

One special interest regarding Werner Andreas Albert is that he has recorded an obscure composer who is a favorite of mine - Raff. If you go to you will find one of the best sites devoted to lesser known 19th century composers. Join their forum. Listen to sound bites. Then lobby Southern Sinfonia to get Werner to conduct Raff in Dunedin. There are some choral works by Raff.

daharja said...

Werner was really good. I was impressed at how he managed to get us sounding so good, ironing out problem areas. But then, a lot of credit goes to David for getting us up to scratch in the first place and doing the hard slog. We're lucky to have such excellent people to work with.

I'm really looking forward to singing in the concert. I'm fortunate to be positioned front(ish) and center(ish) so I could hear really well how the voice parts fit together. (I usually sit in the back of the sopranos and can't hear a thing!)

It should be really wonderful for the audience. I'll be encouraging everyone I know to come to what is going to be a great concert!