Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tone deaf singer

Being a foreigner converted to Kiwidom I've missed out on Harry Enfield (the guy from BBC who produced those wonderful sketches), but I've been introduced to his work today. Here's a good one, the "Who's That Girl?" sketch, for those singers who might suspect they could just possibly be tone deaf. There is hope for us all.


daharja said...

How lovely. Some people are clearly meant to sing, and others - are meant to do other things.


Reminds me of a friend of mine who used to sing a song called "I'm Tone Deaf" as a revue act.

I'll have to find the song - it was quite clever and a lot of fun. If I can find a score I'll share it if it is out of copyright.

Of course, as a chorister what I hate the most is when I try for a note - and fail dismally. Especially those high nasties. And everyone around you just *looks* at you. Hmmm...

daharja said...

Aha! Found it. Of course, it's none other than Flanders & Swann.

"A Word On Your Ear":
- here's the lyrics
- and a Youtube.

Enjoy. Or not.

Leta said...

Thank you - that was great! Hillarious! What a clever song, and I expect not an easy sing at all.

daharja said...

No, not easy - the friend in question used to do a great job of it, and the crowd (largely choristers) was always appreciative.

Augh, now I'm feeling homesick.

I miss our old revue nights. We used to do them as fundraiser/social events. People would just decide to do any sort of act - anything from absolutely tasteless to wonderfully clever - and huge amounts of wine, cheese and chocolate were consumed by the increasingly cheery audience.

Ah! The heady days of youth!

Leta said...

We had such a revue evening at the last rehearsal of 2006 and it was heaps of fun. I believe we may have another at the end of this year, with a bit of a party and acknowledging long-standing members who have resigned during the year.

So get you act together!

daharja said...

Oh gawds, no. I have all the talent of a common or garden variety snail.

But I'll happily heckle and applaud from the audience!

A revue would be wonderful fun.