Friday, August 8, 2008

Text and translation of Carmina Burana

For the interested among us...

There are several translations of Carmina Burana available online. Here are four options.

  • One of the most easily accessible is available here, in a line by line format by Johanna Hansdotter Sundberg. It's fairly accurate, and quite polite.

  • David Parlett's text and translation of Carmina is available here. It's not as immediate, and covers several virtual pages, but is also quite useful.

  • There is a Scribd translation available here which I find a bit awkward to use, but may suit some choristers who like a geeky format ;-)

  • Finally, a translation and some information on the piece are located here. This is a more liberal (and some would say more accurate) translation from the text.

A fun alternative

Of course, if you're really interested, another alternative exists, apart from taking years of thoroughly dull Latin at school. It's the Free Online Latin Translator!!!. Here is a link. Go have fun.

Of course, if you want to really have fun, translate back into English with the Free Latin To English Translator! What will you get? Pig Latin?

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